An alternative energy calculator with the homeowner in mind.

Easily calculate your homes or business’s energy requirements and alternative energy options based on your location and building profile with no technical knowledge required. All you need to know is the size of your home and where you are located.

Splash is an online, cloud-based tool intended for home-owners or business owners that can calculate your estimated energy use over the course of a year based on 3 simple parameters:


Building Type

Building Size

These parameters alone will provide you with an energy requirement building profile for the year along with the estimated energy generation possible for the alternative energy sources you choose based on your location.

Want to add energy storage or use multiple energy sources?
We have you covered.

A unique feature of Splash is that multiple types of alternative energy solutions are supported. Whether it’s energy generation paired with storage, or electrical generation along side thermal heating or cooling, Splash makes the necessary allowances to give you accurate results for your custom energy system. No more complicated spreadsheets needed to crunch the numbers.

Calculate Your Rate of Return

One of the biggest concerns about an alternative energy system is the rate of return. By plugging in your current natural gas and electricity rates for your area, you can calculate the payback time frame for each of your alternative energy solutions based on industry averages.



Splash pulls its weather data from weather stations located all over the world. When you start a new project, you will be able to see the weather stations closest to your project’s location. This weather data is what is used when calculating your energy needs and estimated generation potential.


From retail buildings to dog houses, Splash has it covered. We utilize ASHRAE standards in our building profiles and have worked with industry leaders to populate some non-standard building types, such as a tiny home. If you want to go off grid, or simply peak shave your energy consumption, we’ve got your home type that will fit you.

Comparison Rates

Input your local utility rates for a comparison of how much money you can save. Your current rates can be found by looking at your utility bill or visiting your local utility providers website. For an accurate idea of how much you are spending, you can break out your fees. You can add as much or as little info here as you want. The more you add, the more accurate your results will be.


Do you want to simply add solar panels to your house to offset your electricity costs? You can find those here. What about adding in a geothermal system? Or a combined system of thermal storage with a CHP and solar electrical? There are numerous combinations to try, and all you simply have to do is choose is what percentage of your required energy needs you want to allocate to each renewable generation source. All of the calculations are done for you on the fly, so you can immediately see what your results are.


View your entire system here with an overview of your project. There is a basic comparison of the current system to your new alternative energy system along with your annual GHG savings and annual electrical, heating and cooling savings per year. You can also dive down into each component to review a full equipment checklist and gain some basic insights into how this component will perform over the year.

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