The alternative energy calculator with more flexibility and more features.

Splash+ is a step between Splash, our simple Energy Calculator, and Flow, our Energy Simulation Software. Splash+ provides a bit more flexibility in the options available for setting the parameters of your projects and gives a more detailed report of the results of your calculations, which can exported for offline use or further analysis

Splash+ is an online, cloud-based tool intended for home-owners or small business owners that can calculate your estimated energy use over the course of a year based on 3 simple parameters:


Building Type

Building Size

These parameters alone will provide you with an energy requirement building profile for the year along with the estimated energy generation possible for the alternative energy sources you choose based on your location.

Want to add energy storage or use multiple energy sources?
We have you covered.

Multiple energy generation sources can also be selected and calculated in Splash+. Any combination of alternative energy generation sources, such as solar electrical, solar thermal, battery storage, thermal storage or CHP (combined heat and power) generators can be chosen and used to offset your electrical, heating and cooling needs.

Enhanced Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is available and enhanced in Splash+. Different types of utility rates can be calculated in Splash+ such as tiered rates or time of use. Splash+ uses your buildings energy requirements on an hourly basis to give an accurate result of what your estimated energy bills could look like.



Splash+ pulls its weather data from weather stations located all over the world. When you start a new project, you will be able to see the weather stations closest to your project’s location. This weather data is what is used when calculating your energy needs and estimated generation potential.


In addition to the 23 standard building types we have set in the system, Splash+ gives you the ability to tweak these buildings to give a more accurate result. Some adjustable parameters include: R-values of your wall and roof insulation, ceiling height, adjust your normal occupancy ratio, add or remove man doors, add or remove vehicle doors, provide a fuel co-efficient, add in basement insulation and add in multiple identical buildings to your project.

Comparison Rates

Fixed Rate fees are standard, but time of use and tiered rates are included in Splash+. For those who have projects in areas with these fee types, it will provide a more accurate financial analysis as the projected rates per month will take daily consumption’s into account based on the rates and parameters you input. Additional fuel types are also available such as propane and diesel.



Do you want to simply add solar panels to your house to offset your electricity costs? You can find those here. What about adding in a geothermal system? Or a combined system of thermal storage with a CHP and solar electrical? There are numerous combinations to try, and all you simply have to do is choose is what percentage of your required energy needs you want to allocate to each renewable generation source. All of the calculations are done for you on the fly, so you can immediately see what your results are.


Individual components is where Splash+ takes the lead in reporting. Diving into each component gives you a whole report on the parameters and results of our calculations. Specifics on the equipment used to calculate your total requirements are displayed here along with detailed information on the performance of each component making up your alternative energy system. Exporting your reports is also available in Splash+ allowing you to bring your data into excel for further analysis or into a finished PDF report to bring to a consultant or installer for the next step of your project.

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