Alternative Energy Calculators and Simulators.
No technical knowledge required.

Ripple Energy Studio makes alternative energy simple and easy to understand. No confusing spreadsheets or calculations, or information tied to sales pitches. Our application is built in the cloud, so you don’t need to download anything. Everything works right in your browser. Ripple Energy Studio has made it so easy that you can find out your annual energy requirements and alternative energy options available in just 4 simple steps.

There is a Ripple Energy Studio Application for Everyone

A simple energy calculator with minimal inputs required to gain insights on the feasibility of an alternative energy project.

All the features of Splash plus custom building options, enhanced reporting and export your reports.

Energy simulations for builders, engineering firms and contractors assessing alternative energy options for their clients.


Cloud Based

Available on Desktop

Number of active projects per account

Projects become read only

Projects larger than 5MWH

Project Estimator

Project Simulator

Customize Components

Customize Building Type

Create Buildiing Type

Results for Whole System

Results per component

View Results Online

Export Results

Additional Fuel Types

Set Unit Preferences

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